Various Logos

A selection of some of the logos I’ve designed over the past year (will be adding new ones as they are developed):

A company specialising in catering and event organisation; the concept was to use classic gold-toned vintage imagery to complement a brush-lettered logotype for a dynamic yet elegant branding.

A database and system development consultant, Follix needed a logo that best displayed his expertise in IT and reflected his brand as a sum of interconnecting pieces. I fancied the idea of a wordmark and the USB-stick reminiscent shapes used to compose the l-letters. The client loved the concept and the logo was set.

Mangasarian Real Estate Services needed a corporate, professional logo that best represented all the services his business could offer to real estate holding clients. Having such a particular surname (and his first name also being Mike) I knew his name had to be front and centre and be memorable. The logotype, his very representative letter M, is meant to add a binding and structural support element.

Another data and tech consultation company, IOBase wanted something elegant and sleek, that represented their expertise in database programming and administration. I liked the concept of electronic circuits, as well as the I/O binary concepts of programming. The element between the I and the O is a subtle nod to that concept.

The client ran a simple news indexing site, based on referrals and social sharing. While not a demanding or complex concept, I do like the way this one turned out.

A digital marketing agency, ATB is meant to represent beginning to end solutions. Through use of negative space and progressive colour toning, a sense of progression is delivered in this design.

The client came with a very definite concept in mind, the use of his initials to shape the form of a house. This is an example of projects where clients with a very particular vision can make good use of a designer to make their vision shine.