More than just design

While my 12 year old industry experience as senior designer in branding, web and app design speaks for itself in my work, I am more than just a name behind your screen who can crank out logos and mock-ups for you!

Natural polyglot

German national, born in Hong-Kong, raised in Spain with an education in British school and university; I am natively bilingual in English and Spanish, and fully fluent in German as well as proficient in Japanese and Catalan. How different cultures communicate has always been a huge interest of mine, so regardless of your background, I will help you find a way to communicate your ideas, your way.

Avid calligrapher

As any designer will confide in you, we are all obsessed with good typography. When I'm not poring over what perfect typeface to use for my next project, I am pencilling hand-lettering and practising textura quadrata and copperplate with my calligraphy pens and nibs. Sometimes I will actually find the time post some of my work on Instagram!

I ❤ Photography

Whether I am out hiking, at a gathering with friends, on holidays abroad or even at home on a rainy day, I'm that guy with the camera bag and all the lenses, snapping pics and immortalizing moments. I shoot on M43 and am particularly fond of my 42.5 lens for street and portrait photography. You can see some of my pictures on this very website, so check out the photography section!

Kick-ass inline skater

Pick a sport, any sport, they said. So I smacked some wheels on my feet and threw myself down hills and lanes. Inline skating gets a bad rap in the US, but its an exhilarating way to get out in the open, tear your way down the pavement and enjoy the speed of cycling with the activity of running.. without ruining your joints!

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