Crooked Creek

Crooked Creek Properties are a small family-run and owned business that rent getaway cabins for weekends out in nature and fishing in Waterport, NY. For such a business steeped in tradition, they wanted a logo that embodied both the family’s prized heritage as well as reflected the rustic, classy qualities of their location.

One of the key pieces provided by the client was an old poem found along the family’s heirloom, and one of the lines describing the property sprung out to me – Among its trees, and smooth green grass. The image for the logo almost painted itself in my mind’s eye, and a quick sketch delivered one of the main options I presented that ultimately was picked as the favoured logo by the family. The initial concept als included the fly-fishing hook often used by their guests on their weekend trips and stays, but ultimately we decided to focus on the cabins surrounded by lush nature as the brands main selling point, as well as pointing out the year of establishment. The addition of the poem to the logo was a touch that was particularly appreciated, as it bears special weight and meaning to the family.

Scaled down version of the logo were also elaborated for branding and merchandise such as jackets, shirts and bags which they often leave for their clients as surprise welcome gifts when checking in.